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FJC 2021 Fantasy Golf - Come one Come all!

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    Fun season everyone! Team Titleist killed it.
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    Are we doing this again next year?

    Man I missed finishing this up!!  

    The Tour Championship was won by a whopping 9000 dollars, what a close finish for Ty Webb!!

    Our season long results:

    Segment 1: AnthonyC

    Segment 2: AnthonyC

    Segment 3: Ty Webb (Packy)

    And our OVERALL winner (which should come as no surprise!)  :  ANTHONY C

    Well done sir :)

    As to next season - I always waffle - we had a whopping five players this year.  I might be convinced to run it again if you teach me some of your tricks :D

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    Ha yea I get it. It's losing its appeal.
    My trick is no life and watching a lot of golf haha.