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Holiday Wishes and an Ambassador Surprise


    Just a quick note to wish everyone in the Community a very happy and health holiday season! We will give thanks for YOU this week since you are the ones who truly make FootJoy the #1 brand in golf! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and go low if you're able to tee it up this week!

    To our Ambassadors, thank you again for all of your efforts in helping this Community thrive over the last three months. The amount and depth of conversations that take place here each day far surpass even our wildest expectations and you have all contributed to this success.

    Having said that....

    Check your doorstep in the next week for a special holiday Ambassador "thank you" from your friends at FJ.

    Any guesses?


    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family/friends.  I can't express enough gratitude for all you guys and girls at FJ do for us.

    Tricky... can't see the actual dimensions of the box...

    I am going with a hat... you have to send out something universally fitting so that take out a lot of products.

    BTW, who does your wrapping?  I have some gifts that I could use some help on... they may be please to see wrapping paper instead of tin foil for once! =)


    Happy holidays to the FJ staff and their families!  Thanks for making this commuity a great place.  I'm glad that I found it. 

    I hope everyone in the community has a wonderful and safe holiday season.   


    Thank you! That's awesome. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at FootJoy and everyone in the FJ Community.


    Once again FJ goes above and beyond, thank you very much. Guessing a hat or belt/buckle combo based on the box, but the picture being a close up could be throwing me off on how big it really could be.

    Is it a new car??? JK

    Wishing all a great thanksgiving.



    Jus t keep them guessing. That is what we all will be doing thanks to the FJ Staff. Whatever it may be, I know it will be well received and all will be happy to get whatever FJ sends. As to the upcoming holidays, Happy Thanksgiving to all and may the true Spirit of Christmas visit each and everyone of you. We are returning back home to Iowa for the Christmas celebration with our family and the 3 youngest grandchildren which were presented to us after 13 years of no young ones. They are precious to both Grandma and Grandpa and we wouldn't miss this Christmas or any other one with them.



    Thank you Chris and everyone at FJ and the same right back at you (without the gift, I don't know any of your sizes).

    I am guessing that it is a pair of IJP designed rain pants like the ones you guys wore at your match with Titleist.



    You guys are the BEST!

    I will take 2 guesses.... A box of FJ chocolates....... Nah, couldn't be that...

    I am agreeing with the hat idea EM had. Easy to size, can have the spanky FJ Ambassador logo, and I am going to go wild here.... perhaps even an Ambassador bal marker on the bill of the cap.

    Winner, Winner.....Chicken Dinner!


    A happy Thanksgiving to the FJ staff too!  You guys are just too good to us!  Hope everyone has a great week and can't wait to see what the newest goodie is....Tar Heel's idea is pretty sweet.


    alright!  yeah, i agree, happy turkey day and thanx for the kind words chris.

    i'll keep my eye out for the gift, that box with a bow is just what i need.  but the bow being blue sort of limits things, does golfchick get one with a pink bow.

    no man, you guys are tops, thanx again.


    Happy Holidays to the FJ family and my new Ambassador family.


    Since Chris asked me what size jacket I wear, I am guessing it's a custom embroidered jacket in my box.



    Anything will; be greatly appreciated.


    Whatever it is... Thanks! And thanks for this Community. As I've mentioned before, it'll make my New England winter much more bearable as I tend to lose touch with my golf buddies during the off-season. Cheers!


    It must be a gift certificate for a pair of MyJoy Icons!  lol, whatever it is will be appreciated.  Thanks and have a wonderful holiday!


    No matter what it is it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you FJ for being so generous.

    Have a great holiday season.


    Hey Tar Heel, you can't use my lines...OK, guess you can if your right and a hat is the gift.