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    TopGolf has come to little ole Baton Rouge, La. Grand opening is this Friday. Have any of you been to one? Do you bring your own clubs? For the price they are charging it doesn't seem like a place you would go to practice your game. Seems to me it's more of a place to hang out with a group a friends, eat a Burger, drink multiple beers & show off!! 

    Am I wrong?

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    You have it figured out.  We have 2 in Chicago area, one more under way.  

    It’s a fun place, more for amusement than a true practice facility.  It has everything that would stimulate a non player to take up interest in the game,  Great meeting place after work, party venue, date night idea, and place to take older kids.

    Some folks use it as a place to stay loose in the winter months. That can get expensive and there are better alternatives.

    I think it is owned by ELY.

    Certainly worth a visit though.


    Yep, hit the nail on the head.  It's fun if you have a large group, but if you want to hit a bucket of balls it's not the place to go.  If you want to make fun of your buddies, hit some balls, and drink a beer or three, it's fun.  I've been to the one in Vegas twice and had a blast, my wife hit a golf ball for the first time and really liked it.  

    Ironically, I work across the street from one of the Atlanta locations and have only been there once.  


    Haven't been yet but have heard it's a lot of fun; not the place if you're looking serious practice. A venue is due to open in Baltimore sometime later this year and I'll certainly give it a trial.

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    it's a blast! it's not a great place to practice its more about going and playing the game and having fun

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    I have been to a few and always a lot of fun. You can take your own clubs or use theirs.


    Trying to bring one to RI and I have heard exactly the same.  More of a means of entertainment, while enjoying a little golf


    Good times!  Great place to hang out and have fun.  The food and drinks are tasty there.  People watching is very entertaining at Top Golf as well.  I prefer to take my own clubs in.  


    Have not been to one yet but we got one in Columbus this past summer.  Have heard all of the same from above and that it is a very "social" form of golf.  Many are there to drink and then try to hit a few golf balls. I think I would want to bring my own clubs but have heard that is not very popular but wouldn't know until I've been there.  

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    The drinks are good...too good.  The ball started moving on the tee.


    To summarize, Top Golf is:

    Dave and Busters, but with golf.

    Bowling alley, but with golf.

    Casino, but with golf.

    TG is fun, but its all about entertainment value and not honing your golf game. There is food and drink. There is usually a LONG wait time. There are some who go to eat and never get into a hitting booth. All depends.Fun, yes it is. But only a once a year deal for me.


    Agree with Señor Randy... All hype, ever video I've seen has been folks drinking, women in heels (not a bad thing) and no one that can hit the side of a barn.. Maybe next time in your neck of the woods we'll give it a laff!


    It's a lot of fun -- I've never seen anyone at our TopGolf in heels (!), but it's a good way to get people who've never played before interested in the game. I go with the people I usually play golf with, and it's definitely social -- but it is a great way to carry our love of golf over into a social night or day. There are different games you can play, aiming at certain targets, etc., but we don't take it too seriously since we're playing with microchipped golf balls and random equipment. The leagues are pretty popular, and I'll confirm that the food and drinks are good!


    Going back to the late 50s and 60s, conventional driving ranges had more first time golfers who where either on their first date playing minature golf or just whacking golf balls "with the guys" for the first time.   Once in a while a regular golfer would take a stall with his/her golf bag to practice, but hardly ever on a weekend night.   Good for parties and get togethers which is good for golf. Could be a fad or the start of a new thing.  


    Sammy, it's replaced bowling and, is a fun place for a group to go, whether they can play golf or not. I'm waiting to read the results from several lawsuits where people have fallen from the top two tier tees.