#1 SHOE IN GOLF           #1 GLOVE IN GOLF


truely a ting o beeeeeauty



    I must agree beej, I got mine this weekend and my wife actually had the nerve to wear it before I did.  She wore it to the restaurant we were meeting at for dinner to see my reaction to her wearing it.  I almost ripped it off of her but thought better since we were in public.

    What a great jacket and the logo is so nice -- hope FJ will allow the Ambassadors to purchase more FJA logo'd apparel.

    Thank you FJ --

    hey mondo, i'll bet you jaw hit the floor when you saw he with it on.  did you notice it right off or was there a delay because of shock and awe tactic that she put the smackdown on you with.


    My new jacket is very comfortable. Also extremely flexible and does not restrict movement which comes in handy at Oscar time!!


    The adjustable collar also stabilizes my drag coefficient making it easier to attain new heights!