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Viewing your swing


    The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) website offers a program for your computer that allows you to hook your video camera up and tape your swing on the computer.  The best part is, it gives you the ability to draw lines on screen as reference points.  I am going to get this on my computer and give it a try soon. 

    In my opinion, having this ability will really help your swing.  As long as you know what you are looking for and what is correct and what is not, I think this would be a great way to improve your golf.  Even if you are not sure about the technical aspects of the game, you could always use the program to make sure you are not dropping/raising your head during your swing or to make sure you are maintaining good posture/setup.

    I am really looking forward to this program and may help me eliminate some of the time and money I spend on lessons each month.  For me, it will be a great way to check my swing and make sure I am doing everything correctly.  I will be able to get different views and do what my pro does during the lessons.  Hopefully, this will be a positive experience and exceed my expectations. 

    Only issue could be the quality of the video camera you use, hopefully mine can do the trick.  Like I said earlier, I will provide a full report once I have thoroughly tested the program and all its features.

    If you would like to review the program, here is the link:


    Thanks for the heads up, sounds like a really cool program. let us all know what you think of it.


    It is very similar to a commercial piece of software that we use for instruction call Dart Fish.



    Thanks for the line EM, I'll take a look very soon...


    If only I could afford a TrackMan...