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any lefties out there?


    I am a righty but play with a few lefties, curious what the numbers are like on the forum


    You rang? Lefty here. Both me and my brother play from "the proper side." Count 2.

    I have a goal and that is to get a group of 4 lefty's together and play a round. My vision is that we'll see player's crashing into trees and bunkers, thinking the earth has fallen off it's axis or something.


    I'm right but I know for fact we have at least 2.


    You can count me from the supposed "wrong" side of the ball.

    However I argue that when looking down the fairway at your target, us lefties walk up to the right side of the ball when we address it...how can that be "wrong"??

    Hey Tar Heel, shoot me an email or call (add me to your friends list) and when you're in the area count me in to make #3 in your group.