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    I posted this on the TT community page and thought i post it here also, curious about this.  

    Anyone else picking up the new thing for putting called Aimpoint?  Not sure if it's ever been discussed on here so i apologize if i'm bringing it up again.  My buddy told me about it a few weeks ago and then last night Golf Channel was raving about it.   I've read about it online but it really doesn't say much.  I guess Adam Scott uses it.

    Has anyone else heard about this or possible taken a class on this?  I heard there's a class down by the Cape in Mass., 2 hour session for 200 bucks.  

    Just curious.


    A few old threads on aimpoint ( www.footjoy.com/.../default.aspx )

    I didn't go through the training but probably would if it were offered in my part of the world or during times when I'm in the US. It's been around for a while and builds on the concepts of slope/fall lines and green speed. Lots of great instructional videos out there on YouTube for you to get familiar with it.

    I started charting some greens on courses where I play and establishing the green speed and it definitely improved my feel for the greens -- I'm still a bit erratic but less so than before.


    I have gone thru the original Aimpoint Midpoint Read about 3 yrs ago and liked it.  Green reading was never a strong point for me and I used the method for the season, It was a slower process.  But I feel it worked.  This spring I went thru the Aimpoint Express read method - what you see Adam Scott doing as well as others on tour are using both PGA and LPGA (Stacy Lewis and others) tours.  Its the method you see where guys are holding up their fingers.  I have used it this season and am a believer that it works.  It is quicker than the Midpoint read method and may not be as precise but it works for me.  Both methods have improved my reading ability.  I recommend learning the Aimpoint Express Read if a class is available near you.  


    One of my buddies showed up this past Saturday and was reading the greens with the Aimpoint method.  He was putting well and it will be interesting to see if he sticks with this or moves away.  He said his reading was much more accurate (he was already pretty good at reading greens).