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    The pro v 1 balls are practically indestructible

    Not with a well struck wedge!

    They sink as well as any.

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    Or a cart path!    Very durable, but definitely not indestructible.  


    I agree that the most recent pro v1 balls are the most durable ever, but after a round you can certainly see the wear and tear.  It used to be with a Vokey wedge when I struck the ball there would be three deep cuts across the ball, almost every time.  Now, there is sometimes a cut or two, but mostly just scuff marks.  Love Mark's comments that they sink as well as any!


    Welcome to the Forum, Woodrow.  While the Pro V1 is an excellent ball, it is not indestructible.  I have hit shots out of bunkers and found the ball with a nice dent along the side I struck.  Almost like the old balata balls.  Just get out and have fun, come to the Forum to learn interesting tidbits about golf, and enjoy the camaraderie.