Has anyone played these courses?


    Has anyone played these courses near Orlando?

    Grande Pines Golf Club, Orlando

    Harmony Golf Preserve, Harmony

    Falcon's Fire Golf Club, Kissimmee

    If so, please give opinions on them.

    Thanks, Gramps



    I have played Falcons Fire several times. The last time was about 4 years ago (disclaimer)!

    Falcons Fire was a fun test and close to everything in Orlando. At the time it was well maintained and had what I term the usual types of golf for a vacation area. Fairways are generous, there is sand and water, and nothing really tricked up against you. It was a fairly fun place, so much so that after I first played their I went back.


    I, too, have played Falcon's Fire. Played it a ten or more years ago, was ready to go again and heard they were having issues with management, turf, etc., so took it off my Orlando list. But I went back last year and enjoyed it. Great clubhouse in addition Randy's comments.

    I really like Celebration Golf Club if you have the option of another day. Reasonable, fun, great shape. Designed by RTJ Senior & Junior. The restaurant isn't great, but there are a lot of restored cars around to look at.

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    Big fan of Falcon's Fire, played it the last two years. I would recommend and its usually reasonably priced