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Coping with regression


    Ya the tips to enjoy the scenery and just the fact that you are playing golf and not working is pretty good way to think.  We sometimes can be our worst enemies when we put too much unneeded pressure.


    I'd say it's mostly mental.  At this point its in your head that something is wrong.  And then you keep thinking about how to fix it during your sessions and it hurts more.

    After you step away its very likely that the first swings you make you get back should be back to muscle memory and they should be solid swings and things may be like it never happened!

    Relax a bit, don't think about your game.  Just use the time off to really step away.


    to coin a phrase from Bull Durham

    Don't think, just swing...you can only hurt yourself when you think...


    A bad shot is better than no shot at all.  Enjoy the walk in the park.  I would rather be golfing than anything else.  Been playing 55 years and still look forward to my next round.

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    Just play without keeping score, play a round with someone who isn't too serious about and just plays for fun. Do not get hung up on the score and just play for the same reason why you first started playing the game - for the fun of it.

    Easier said than done I know - good luck !