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Tournament Golf


    Have played a few amateur events in my day but none in last 4+ years since becoming a father.  Will focus in a few years of helping my girls if they are interested in playing.  I'm pretty intense and competitive and its going to be tough to slow down and think about the game like a youngster again.  


    Usually local club tournaments and a lot of scramble tournaments...

    I've done the State Amateur but I find it difficult to compete with kids 1/2 my age nowadays


    I dropped out of our interclub league a month ago.  The rounds got to be 5.5 to 6 hour rounds and everyone was complaining to the Board of Directors to do something about the slow play and they absolutely refused to come up with a solution.  They cramed too many people on the course at one time with different skill levels, most with higher handicaps.  They had 130 players on the course and that representated 13 teams and they only counted each team's 8 best scores.   Why play ten members if you are only going to count 8 scores if it holds up play?  So I said enough is enough and ended the frustration for me.  All about choices.  Many other  lower handicap players made the same decision.  Golf should be fun.  

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    Play in every event that I possibly can.  Unfortunately, have missed qualifying for the State Am past few years.  However, just played in the Senior State Am as well as the Senior Match Play Event and others.  Still play in both leagues at the local club, and that is satisfying for me.  Hard to keep up with the young kids these day....


    We have some sort of tournament event every weekend. I play in most of them. While my play really depends on what I did the night before, I love the competition and focus, or lack of it, that playing brings to my game.