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Very interesting article on the state of golf club retailing.


    Bobby, last time I was in their store here, it appeared their inventory was leaning more towards running/exercise clothing/shoes/equipment  and outdoors hunting/fishing.........lots of fishing clothes and kayaks..........and they were short on staff.....but like I said they are opening another store in the area....so business must be good here.........what do you mean might be the strongest FJ shoe guy......you probably have more shoe styles than they do.......you da man Bobby, you da man.....how bout a nice chicken fried steak with milk gravy......that'll calm you down.......ha...ha...


    That's a sad article, but it makes perfect sense.  I rarely shop at Dicks.  I think the only thing I purchased there was Gun Blue for a putter.  Like the author says, avid golfers most likely will not got to Dicks for fitting or instruction.  They probably won't go there to purchase much either.  I'd much rather support my club, or a golf specialty store than a big box.  

    I'm not necessarily going to purchase the latest and greatest equipment either, but I do pay attention to the releases.  Obviously I'm a huge Titleist guy, but even I don't have a 913 (I still like my 910, and the 915 looks sweet).  Launching a new line of woods every 6 months is crazy.  Even people that care more about what's in their bag than on there score card can't keep up. There's guys at my club that always play the newest stuff, and if they did that with TM, there's a good chance they wouldn't have enough money left over to tip the cart kids.  The two year cycle is healthy for everyone IMO.  It's too bad Dicks hitched their wagon to TM.  I hope the PGA Pros land on their feet and these retailers learn to diversify a bit more.


    Josh I agree, I said the same thing talking to one of the managers at a GG store recently.  He was right there with me and I was telling him about why I'm loyal to Titleist and that they put out great equipment every 2 years and you will be happy with it for 2 years.  I mentioned how TM puts out new stuff a couple times a year and thats when he was ready to end the convo as they are in tight with TM and it is hard on the consumer and the retailer.  Unless TM's margins are lower than other competitors which I doubt they sell most of their clubs for less than what they paid for them.  Most people that I know that have TM clubs bought them when they were at basement prices and while they are selling clubs I wonder what their profit margins are since most people I know are buying drivers at the $100-$150 price range blowouts.  Interesting....


    Go Hokies
    I've kind of waited to reply about the loss of PGA professionals in the Dick's Sporting Goods.  As many of you know - I spend time in a golf department of that retail establishment.  The golf pro there, knew I was getting ready to retire and he needed some day time help in my particular store.  I've been in that store for 5 years as a Club Tech, (I'm very knowledgeable concerning repair, fitting, and many of the other aspects - might be the strongest FJ/shoe guy employed in the chain).

    I understand the retail world - and the decision did hit close to home; however, what it took me sometime to reason was why the chain didn't look at each store and make some type of effort to keep the above goal performing (golf departments) staffed with the PGA professional.

    My local store is a small footprint store (tier 3 out of 5).  We have been a top 5% store for the last 6 years - the major problem we have been facing in the past couple of months is actually getting inventory to sell.  I'm sure there are other stores having the same problem.

    I guess that's enough venting for now.


    I forgot you were an employee!

    Yes, you are spot on here in every way, especially the part about how a store performs. Unfortunately, as happens in the big public companies, you all get painted with the same brush.

    Head up my friend.