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Open Week!!


    So pumped about the Open this week!! I'm working from home now so I will be able to keep better tabs than in past years.


    You just make sure the baby gets fed and changed Mr. Mom



    I am looking forward to it as well. I watched a bit of the Women's Open and let's hope the Men's has some good drama as well!

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    I would LOVE to work from home and watch this but it's not gonna happen...  Hopefully it will be aired over the web..  Looking forward to it!  

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    It  should be a great few days. Let's hope Tiger is in form and adds some excitement to this wonderful tourney.

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    Going to be a fun week.


    I love the Open!  This should be a great week.  Tiger's return, Rose on a tear, Mickelson defending.  And many many more great storylines.

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    Hope the weather is OK , a little wind/rain to be expected but I don't like  when the weather becomes the story and one wave of players gets an advantage or disadvantage due to poor weather.

    Hoping for Adam to be in the mix going to the last few holes.

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    Hoping Vokey has a bit better release this time too!!

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    Good times.  Might have to plan a vacation to go watch this great event live one day.  


    Always look forward to watching the majors!  The Open is great because weather can blow up and become quite a factor... also fun to watch because a lot of the players from the PGA Tour are not used to playing in these types of conditions.  Hopefully one of the FJ and Titleist crew will come out holding the Claret Jug!


    The "word" is that the course is very green and lush and very much unlike a usual Open Championship course.

    The commentators were amused that the US Open resembled the dry hard turf of the the Open and now they present a lush green US Open looking Open championship ... conspiracy ???

    Haven't heard the weather forecast as yet but always a bit of fun when rain and wind is about, at least for part of the tournament.

    Eager to see how TW does.


    Who is known for play in lousy weather? I would thin Tiger would be at a disadvantage as extra effort to keep it together in lousy weather may not be the best conditions to be stressing out a surgically repaired back...