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    Contemplating a trip over the pond with my Dad and Brother to celebrate my Dad's retirement.  Does anyone out there in the FJC have tour operator/package deal recommendations based on a good experience?  Any input would be greatly appreciated as we are first timers.


    Tour operators are pretty expensive, the best one for Scotland is Perry Golf. They can take care of everything, and I mean everything. Airfare, hotels, tee times and a driven bus to get you around. Caddy fees are usually extra. For 5-7 days plan on over $5,000 per person!

    In Scotland you can do pretty well driving yourself (standard transmission cars on the other side of the road!) and small hotels are pretty reasonable. There is a lot of great golf that you can book yourself and not spend all of the extra booking fees through a tour operator. The only real tricky tee time is the Old Course, but it can be done. The locals will also send you to all of the good pubs and restaurants if you ask.


    I've dreamed of making a trip like that, I will live vicariously through you ;)



    I did the Ireland trip and it was an inclusive trip through an operator out of New York........hope to do Scotland at some point before my tee time in the sky.......and I do like having to do nothing but play golf......I have heard that basing at the Old Course and playing local courses around the Old Course is a great experience, as well......this info was passed on from scots who lived there and that now that live in our area.......