The new Titleist 915 line?


    ok, admittedly, the photos are awesome. i love the classic look of titleist clubs...but ***, i want to hit! so, herein lies my dilemma. do i stick with my 913s AND go on a golf trip withe guys to scottsdale OR do i spring for the 915s?

    Plenty of time until the 915 is available. It will be mid to late November.....


    There was speculation on the Team Titleist forum that it might be sooner this time, which would be awesome.......Titleist will probably stick to their normal release dates, as 19Hole stated.......

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    well, if i can't hit one yet i'd sure like to hear what the pros are saying about hitting them.


    Just received this info through my TT contacts and you might want to check out the information.....some pretty good stuff and comparisons to the


    Ty Webb
    This is the image I saw when I looked for the new Titleist driver.......maybe I shouldn't use dial up.

    A nice piece of persimmon an H&B by any chance.


    Chalmers said he was hitting it longer and straighter, so I know I have have to see how the lefty 915's swing :)

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    Looks nice but it's gonna be very hard to part with my 910 D2 , it's been very good to me.