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D Day Most famous golfer


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    I heard that Yogi Berra was also involved in the battle. He might not be a golfer per say but I found it interesting none the less.


    He was in the Navy on a ship which carried troops and supplies vey much in harm's way. Yogi's baseball and distortion of the English Language certainly outshine his golf. If you look at success in the ball park no one can come close to Yogi's 10 World Series Rings.

    That's hardcore.. Gotta love the 101 Screaming Eagle patch!

    He wasn't at D-Day but here is a young Screaming Eagle who later became real famous




    Even got a cabin and tree named after him at Augusta. Not many have that distinction.

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    is that Jimi Hendrix?


    It is. After leaving the 101st he went about 60 miles down the road to try to get a gig as a studio musician in Nashville. Roy Acuff did not hire him and the rest is history.