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    Sure that you will be pleased.  Was fitted for my last two new sets of clubs.  We enjoyed each other much more.  What are you weapons of choice?


    Well, hopefully by now you have been given many pearls of wisdom from a highly qualified and good club fitter. My hope is this didn't confuse, but rather gave clarity to what you truly should be using.


    Well the fitting went well today.  I went to Old Stonewall in Ellwood City, PA. and was fitted by Sean Swidzinski - PGA Professional. www.oldestonewall.com/welcome.php

    He used the Mizuno fitting system which was excellent.  After about an hour, I settled on the Mizuno JPX 825 irons, 5-AW with Nippon NS PRO 1150 regular shafts, standard length and 2* flat.  Once I got tuned in it was like a Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleason) shot....."Bam! Zoom! To The Moon, Alice!!!"

    I hit the Mizuno 825's,Mizuno EZ's, Taylormade Speedblades, Titleist AP1's and Nike Covert's. The Mizuno 825's were best distance, flight and control for me.

    He also gave me a few minor pointers which greatly helped.

    All in all it was a great experience and I am glad I did it.


    Mizuno makes some really nice irons......congrats...that handicap should start coming down soon.......  :-)