My FootJoy DNA is a hit!



    On Saturday, January 18th, 2014.  I was early to arrive at the range.  There were only about 8 people who saw the new DNAs I was in.  It all started with a friend whom I emailed a few days prior about the DNA shoes.  He couldn't wait to see them on me... His reply to me said it all- "I'm jealous!"  So, anyway,  he arrived at the range and saw me from a distance and said audibly to all at the range, "No'l, ok, let's see it!"  Everyone's attention was instantly called by it and that's when I proudly displayed to my buddy including everyone around, my new DNA, and what a nice reception from all... a big wow from everyone.  Two of them said they'll put an order for it instantly after seeing FootJoy's newest.  They all loved the style right away.

    It's our Team Play season began, but sadly, I'm not in the line up last Saturday (I'm still recouping from an accident).  But it's just a fun annual matches we play among other clubs in the area, competitive- but fun.  One of my favorite rounds of the year.

    Anyway, I went out for 18 on foot on DNAs.  First time out on it- I was very excited obviously.  But, I have to say that walking in these DNAs are like walking on a cloud of cushion!  They are definitely going to make your feet feel what comfort means in a way that you feel sporty, bouncier and more energetic throughout the round.  It makes walking even more fun than it already is.  And like many top of the line footwear in FootJoy, when DNAs are on your feet, the soles are noticeably stable and one may not feel the spikes that are under them in comparison- on other shoes, it feels like you are stepping on an object where the spikes are located.  The cushions around the ankles are such a nice feel- a secured feeling as opposed to slips or maybe a bother.  At the top of your foot, just under the tongue of the shoes, that is also something new.  The feeling of the shoes being snug, but not tight making it a breathable and a lighter feeling.  The shoes are light in weight to begin with and makes walking pretty easily fun- but, have I mentioned bouncier!

    The way the DNAs are constructed are very stylish.  The materials are all of good quality and the way it is put together is so nice and clean.  Simplicity runs deep in it which makes it attractive.  It doesn't have to have anymore curve or cuts and threads.  Its clean look in its construction suffice a great style.  It's just great the way it is.

    The front toe box is high and I like the way it looks.  I believe this is its reason for being roomy and it also makes it another benefit for comfort.

    All of its visible material are appealing to ones' eye the way they all blend in together.

    All in all, this is a winner footwear to own!

    We went out for another nine after having lunch.  As we came in to see some Team Play results, some of the guys have heard about my DNAs.  Again, a very nice positive response about it.

    I THINK- My DNAs just earned the Saturday spot every weekend till the end of the month.

    I can't wait to hear other's news and reviews about DNAs!!!  ... and this won't be my only post about it either... Other communities will hear about it, too... for sure!


    Awesome testimonial.  Sounds like the perfect shoe for the walking golfer, which I am.  Thanks for the update.  


    Great review of thenewest from FJ! Thanks for a great share Noel. I only wore these for a short while when testing, but I ranked them #1 of the four shoes I wore! And totally agee that the styling is very, very attractive.


    Great review :)

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    Great review of the DNA.  I put mine on order after seeing them first hand when I was talking to TTiger the other day.  It is a great shoe and I know it will be a hit for FJ.


    awesome Nol!  Wish the snow would melt so I could get out!  6-8 weeks out til I can put them in play probably.  :-(


    Ok, I think these new DNAs are big advancement in golf shoes and will be ordering a pair. I like walking and picked up a pair of Contour Casuals I don't care for the turf interaction with the Casuals.


    Aren't you taking some trips, Justin?  Do I see your DNA's on the course somewhere warm in the nearer future?


    Great report. Unfortunately I have to wait 2 months more to have it available in Europe.[


    Outstanding indeed!  I really like the feel of the collar on the foot.  The stability is outstanding, and the comfort top notch.  This is definitely FJ's finest shoe - and I am an ICON guy...


    Good stuff and great looking shoe for sure...