Best Advice You've Received


    I recently read this article The Best Advice I Ever Got: Pearls of Wisdom From the Golf World and it got me thinking about my life/golf and the best advice I had received.

    Mine comes from my father. He told me to enjoy myself above all else. Good or bad. There are plenty of things one can do that make you upset/miserable. If your "recreation" time is spent with that frame of mind, then do something else.

    How about y'all?


    My wife gave this advice.  "Get out of the house and go to the golf course."


    I've been told that if I ever want to make money in the game of golf that I need to..................................................................sell my clubs!!!


    My Dad once told me that I must always respect fellow humans, especially women....My wife told me that the two word secret to a harmonious marriage I must learn was "Yes Dear". When I combine those two pieces of advice, life is indeed a more beautiful thing...


    Mine was "Take up tennis".

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    Tempo and attitude are everything .


    As silly as it sounds mine was "dress for the job you want, not the job you have".

    I've extrapolated that to fit many parts of life.  And it's not only about clothing.


    My dad's was to calm down and not take golf so seriously, it's supposed to be fun.  It's helped me a lot now that I take my kids golfing.  When they hit bad shots and get upset, I tell them the same thing.  

    But I think I may take Mondo's or Todd's tips.  I should probably do something else, but won't.


    Golf Pro to me during my first ever lesson:

    "You are never going to play on Tour."

    Second lesson:

    "Golf is going to be your hobby. Go out and have fun. Enjoy yourself."

    These were the two best lessons ever....


    It isn't how much you earn but how much you keep.

    A poor man can only afford to buy the very best. ( You can't afford to replace inferior products ).


    When I was a beginning player (around 50 years ago) an older/wiser gentlemen at my course told me to hit the ball hard - we can work on hitting it straighter later on.


    Mr Hogan told me, "If you want more distance, don't hit it harder. Hit it better."


    My wife told me when I took up the game, that if I was going spend that kind of money on this equipment I better plan on playing a lot of golf.  I had a history of short term hobbies.  Started in 1985 and still going strong.  Love that woman.  

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    My dad used to always tell me to just go hit the dang ball.  Do not stand over it and waggle and hem and haw, but just walk up, take stance and hit it.  Been doing it ever since then, and having good times doing it.  

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    mine would have to be "Dont get so upset", or "quit drinking".