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Tavistock Cup is no more


    The Tavistock Cup is done after a 10-year run, as the Tavistock Group steps in to host the Tiger Woods World Challenge, which is moving from California. The World Challenge (unofficial event but with world-ranking points) will be held for the final time at Sherman Oaks Dec. 5-8 this year, then will move to Isleworth, Tiger's former home course and a Tavistock property, in December 2014.

    I liked the Tavistock Cup when it was just Isleworth and Lake Nona competing -- lots of on course interaction and banter from the players.. However, the last two years it seemed like there were a hundred people on the course with teams added from "affiliate clubs," and Feherty was on the first tee announcing players. There was WAY too much commentary, and it turned into a circus. I wish not every event had to become "a fan experience."


    I also lost interest when they started adding other clubs.  You could not keep anything straight. I don't think the pros even enjoyed it anymore.


    More bummed about TW's event leaving Sherwood!


    I can do with out Feherty! I can't believe he would behave that way in private. I know some view his On AIr Persona as entertainment. I think he behaves like an A**.  Clearly enough viewers like his Shtick.

    I think it demeans golf. Gentlemens game played by gentlemen. With all deference to women golfers.

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    Agree.  The event became commercialized.  Sound familiar?   It was a private event that became public/commercial property.  Almost sounds like they are saying they're taking their ball and going home.  I feel sorry that the players cannot seem to find a little private down time to relax with family and friends.   The new event sounds like a bone thrown to the media to keep them happy.  Look forward to 4-5 Dec.

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    I think it really stinks that Sherwood is losing this event. I am traveling to SD while the tournament is going on and will be up in the LA area Monday-Thursday the week after. I am torn about trying to drive up and catch the tournament for a second time. I loved the views of the course!

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    The Tavistock Cup did become a circus and virtually unwatchable. It's too bad as  it seemed like a fun event for the players and for the fans. I, too, am bummed to see TW's event leave Sherwood.