Back in the game in mid February 2014

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    The last 3 years I have been competing in the Remax World Long Drive competition.  After pulling my tendons away from my elbow and damaging my ligaments during competition, I had to have surgery 2 months ago and now I'm on my way to recovery.  My sports doctor said I couldn't swing a club until February 2014.....I'm not going to beable to compete next year but I wll be allow to play GOLF again! I miss the game

    and can't wait until I can play the game that I love.. So if you able to play....consider yourself blessed and relish the moment.

    Live Long!



    Hi welcome to the FJC! And ouch, your injury must be *** painful. But at least you did it while doing something that you, clearly, love. I've had my share of injuries and am really working hard to get my fitness to a level that allows me to sustain a lot more rounds/activity than ever before. Good luck on your road to recovery.


    being away from golf is tough.  twice I've had layoffs due to injuries from other sports.  Good luck healing and when you get back on the course, enjoy the golf!


    James, You need to connect with a Canadian names DJ Watts. He has been getting some interest in his swing methodology and long drive competitors with lots of credibility  (Mr. Winther for one) have been consulting with DJ. His public blog gives you more detail and a way to contact him. Importantly, his swing methodology, based upon the swing of the late Mike Austin (holder of the record for longest drive in a PGA sanctioned professional golf tournament at 515 yards). Importantly and the reason I mention DJ is that his swing methodology does NOT involve torquing forces that lead to injury. Instead, the swing is entirely compatible with the way the body works. You owe it to yourself to check out the web site, blog, and You Tube videos. DJ is as good a teacher as there is in the game - long drive or otherwise! By the way, I am NOT paid to promote DJs site - he does sell downloadable videos of his methodology and will consult in person or via Skype. DJ hits a stock Taylor Made driver well over 300 the range! This guy is MONEY!


    James, Welcome to the FJC. Regardless of the level of competition, you will find this community of golf enthusiasts and Foot Joy product loyalists to be a wonderful place to engage in analysis , opinion, and observation about the game of golf. Shoot me a private message - I have an idea for you concerning Long Drive that you may want to investigate....Again, welcome!