Poulter & Stenson Radio Shows on Sirius


    Oh, this should be good.

    Ian Poulter and Henrik Stenson are each getting a golf talk show on Sirius next year. I'm not a talk radio fan, but these might be worth a listen. 

    Henrik Stenson, Ian Poulter to host radio shows on SiriusXM

    Buddies Henrik Stenson and Ian Poulter joke around at European Tour press conference in May. Stenson and Poulter will have their own radio shows next year on SiriusXM.

    The dry humor of Henrik Stenson and brash talk of Ian Poulter can soon be heard on the radio.

    Stenson, the first player to capture the FedEx Cup and Race to Dubai in the same season, will host his own show next year on SiriusXM. Poulter, the Ryder Cup star, also is getting his own show with PGA Tour Radio on SiriusXM.

    Earlier this year, Poulter feuded with Howard Stern on Twitter over Stern fans yelling "Baba Booey!" at PGA Tour events. Poulter says he has never been shy about sharing his opinions and he looks forward to talking about everything from fashion to Formula One to Ferraris. He might even talk a little golf. Stenson says it will be fun to give listeners his raw view of life on the tour.

    Still to be determined are the launch dates and when the shows will be aired.

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    I heard Stenson on with Brian Katrek discussing this. It should be a great show! I can't wait!


    Poulter should indeed make a few tsunamis out of the radio waves! Stenson? Remember all, this is the guy who stripped to hit a shot out of the water hazard a few years ago in Florida. Obviously, he'll do whatever is necessary to get the job done! Pssst! Golf Channel, are you listening?

    How about Ian Poulter teaches Howard Stern how to play golf?? Don't let radio have all the fun with this colorful character!!


    This could be pretty interesting. Giving Poults an open microphone on Pay-to_Listen radio...who knows where some of the shows will go!

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    Both guy's are very witty and have great personalities and should be an entertaining listen.

    Both have great stories in terms of their career paths.

    Poulter from working in a golf shop to lying about his handicap just to get a shot at turning pro then you have Stenson, who is famous for his sense of humor, coming back from a brutal slump to now basically being a favorite every time he tee's it up.


    I saw on Twitter Poults was at Sirius/XM and I wondered if he was getting a show.  I'll definitely tune in.  I already listen to a lot of sports talk radio on my commute to and from work so hopefully this will air at a convenient time for me.


    Something tells me that the Poulter show may be rated PG-13, or higher. Should be fun to listen in and see where they take it.

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    Interesting very , interesting.


    Can't wait to hear it!


    Hmmm...lot's of "star" power from the golf course but I wonder if they'll have enough radio/tv wit to pull it off.

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    The content of the show woul dbe even better if on air together.  Lots of banter back and forth with great humor.  These two are good friends being neighobrs at Lake Nona.

    Both will the worth giving a listen to.

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    With their colorful humor and wit, they should be on the Golf Channel. However, I look forward to tuning in on SiriusXM. Thanks for sharing golfchick.