Other brands starting Ambassador programs


    I can't be bought!

    ( psst hey Tim how much are they offering)


    No thanks...not even for $$$ or free swag.  FJ is home for me.


    I wondered how long it would take other brands to start this.  I'm actually surprised it took this long.  I think this goes to what I've been feeling for a few years now.  TM has "jumped the shark."  They are losing younger buyers to the "hip" brand Poults now plays and the more traditional golfers are going to way of Titleist/FJ.  A lot of the brands are reorganizing their structure to focus who they are appealing to.  I think the TM brand will be the odd many out.  Too many people are seeing through their marketing gimmicks.  At the end of the day, other companies want what Acushnet has.  I see this as a grasp to "bribe" people to play their stuff.  I'm here because I always wore FJ shoes.  I've stayed because of the people I've met.  It has nothing to do with anything I've received in the mail.  But I guarantee if they are offering money/merchandise up front, people will join up who had no prior allegiance with them.  We'll never know the truth, but from a business stand-point, I'm curious how this will work out for them.

    Well said Tim!  I feel like the both FJ & Titleist value doing it the right way, quality and performance.  That is why I TRUST these brands with my golf game.  

    I laugh when I see 6 new Drivers from TM each year... :-)  Trying to sell 400-500 clubs faster and playing off of peoples desire to hit the ball better isn't the right way.  What Acushnet brands do is value how do you improve and get better beyond equipment.  For me they create the conversation on how to improve.  It's a very different approach in selling products where I feel like they care if I get better.... not just how much $$$ I'll spend each year on their stuff.  (although I'm sure that's important too! HA!)


    I looked at some of these, especially TM and even started to fill out TM profile just to see what they were doing.  At about page 3 I xed out the page.  I'm not the person they are looking for.  It was like a job application or a college essay test.  ootjoy got it right and I'll be satisfied to be right here!


    I too spent some time filling out the form like BRUCE, just to see what it was about and came away with the same feelings. I was waiting for them to ask me my social security number, my mothers maiden name and my bank account number.  I think that Nigerian Government official that keeps sending me emails may finally got a job at Adidas Golf/TayloreMade.


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    Best products and best community right here says it all.

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    Only one passion at a time...FootJoy BABY!!


    From what I could read, they are advertising for paid reps to promote the brand. given the wide array of sports they make shoes for, it makes sense.  


    Just Copy Cats behind the times......There's nothing like FJ !