Decision criteria for changing golf clubs.

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    Technology in clubs changes, sometimes several times a year, with guarantees of more yardage and better accuracy. a. I gradually made changes, and now have a setup that I like and works for me. Some clubs are more than several years old. b. longer is not better if you lose accuracy, so sometimes shorter is better.


    I still have the 710 AP1's and they are fairly consistent for me so it's hard to justify changing.  I have my best wood setup ever now with 913's (D2 @9.75, F @ 15 and H @19.25).  I went from SM2's to SM4's last year but I'm probably changing to SM5 in the spring.

    Flatstick seems to be rotating between a couple of Cameron Newport 2's.  Same grips and head weight, new Select and an older Studio Stainless.  


    Technology in clubs changes, sometimes several times a year, with guarantees of more yardage and better accuracy.

    Some of these changes are more marketing than actual improvement. Of all the companies selling clubs, Titleist seems to have the longer product cycles and with that, they have a real chance to find and implement actual technological improvements.  

    I've stuck with old technology for sometime now in the hope that I can fine tune my abilities before letting the club take over.  As a example the other day I was on the range and was bemoaning my misses -- off centre for me means loss of distance and line. A friend had his AP2's out, so I decided to try his sticks and was amazed how off centre hits stayed online and still carried.

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    The new 714 AP 2s are a great looking club. Seems like its way more compact and more of a players club.


    For me once a new Titleist driver comes out, I get it!

    A three wood can stay in the bag for years, same with a hybrid.  Find something you can hit straight and always have it in there!

    Irons can stay in my bag for years, often 4-6! I am still playing the 710 CM MB, they do however need a checkup at the loft and lie doctor.

    Wedges need replaced every year.

    As for the short stick, there might as well be a revolving door on my bag, shot even par with 3 different Scotty's this year.  However my latest setup, a Golo S with a SuperStroke may have some staying power.

    I agree...wedges need replaced frequently!

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    Like many here, I enjoy new and shiny clubs in my bag.  I upgrade at least every 2 years, sometimes 6 months.  My criterion are improvements in performance, feel, sound and looks: in that order.  Feel and sound are my holy grail in golf.  It's what I seek from every shot.  Maybe more than performance.   So I upgrade whenever I can get improvement in those areas.  And if I can afford it, of course!