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Decision criteria for changing golf clubs.


    What is the criteria for you to change golf clubs?

    Is it age, new technology, can't hit your existing clubs...etc?


    This could get interesting!


    I'm sure everybody will have a different opinion on this one, but for me it is just wanting to have the new up to date equipment in my bag.  When the AP2's came out, I switched over and have not looked back.  That being said, I have updated them to the current edition each time a new series is released.  My setup has changed a touch over the years, but has stayed the same for the most part.  Whenever I go through a fitting, the new result is essentially the same.  At least something is consistent with my golf game.  I would like to believe that there is a lot of new technology that I am updating to, but I think I just like to have those shiny new clubs in the bag.


    When Titleist changes models, I usually make the change. Not only do my clubs get a lot of use and are pretty beat after two years but it is hard to sell the latest clubs if yours are a generation or two old!


    Every other year I start looking into what new technology there is. Clubs like my driver and fairways I change pretty much every year since there is always something new and wonderous.

    Irons are a different matter. Until I start skanking it up out there, I really don't like to change. This year I did go out and pick up a new set of irons, since I couldn't nut a darn thing. Also adjusted my wedges at that time.

    As for putters, a whole different story. In the last 12 years I've only used 2 different putters, both Cameron's. The current Delmar that I have is a wonderful club, and there is no way she is being removed from the bag. Love my putter.

    I don't rush to change unless I can see a real difference when I use the new fangled club. Now I have the benefit of living in California, where every practice facility has a set up for most brands to demo. My club is a TM fitting center, so I can use any of their technology on any given weekend, including taking a club out on course to try. I know some of you can't do that, so it is hard to know what to get. As many will note, using a good club fitter is the key to good results.


    For me?  If i had the funds I'd replace every year.  Not because Im playing badly, but because I always like new and shiny.

    However, I don't have unlimited funds!  I played with an off the shelf, big box store brand, unfitted, graphite shafted irons set for 10 years or so.  they were too short, flexed way too much and weren't for me.

    I finally put the money down on a properly fitted set of clubs.  But every season i find a way to replace or add *something*.

    Personally I like my irons so I won't touch them for 5-6 years most likely unless something goes horribly awry.  I do foresee myself replacing my driver after 2-3 years though, only because they seem to advance every year!  And I'll take every bit of tech help I can get!

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    I have changed irons as my game has progressed.  Started off with a basic set of clubs and have moved all the way up to AP1's.  Now I am going to get a set of AP2's and continue my drive to being a single digit handicap.  As for woods and hybrids, I usually go with what my brother gives me, but have found a couple of hybrids I like and have gotten those.  Plus getting a serious discount is a plus while working at a local golf course.    


    Irons are every other model and woods are whenever they drop! My Scotty 009 doesn't get changed unless it goes the the Custom a Shop for a spa day!


    For me, it's been random as funding allows.  I didn't get my first set of truly custom clubs until I was 29.  I had a couple of lean years after that of not playing very much, picking it back up a couple of years ago.  At that point, my clubs were 7 years old and I started shopping around.

    Last Christmas, my wife said, "your Christmas present is that you have carte blanche to spend as much as you want on a new set of clubs and bag and I won't complain about it."  She probably said something else after that, but I was already in the car on my way to get fit after the first sentence.  

    She knows I went scoping out the 714s after they were released.  More or less about every 5-7 years is when I decide to switch.  In the interim, it doesn't stop me from buying plenty of FJ gear.  


    For me once a new Titleist driver comes out, I get it!

    A three wood can stay in the bag for years, same with a hybrid.  Find something you can hit straight and always have it in there!

    Irons can stay in my bag for years, often 4-6! I am still playing the 710 CM MB, they do however need a checkup at the loft and lie doctor.

    Wedges need replaced every year.

    As for the short stick, there might as well be a revolving door on my bag, shot even par with 3 different Scotty's this year.  However my latest setup, a Golo S with a SuperStroke may have some staying power.  


    For me usually when the latest Titleist driver comes out I give it a gander, irons every two to three years and wedges at least once a year, putter usually sticks for quite a while, just got a new Scotty two years ago after having my previous Scotty for 12 years


    Like DG and Cole,  I update drivers with the new Titleist models. 3 wood and Hybrid are optional when needed replacements.  Irons are usually on an every other product cycle unless they are truly "better" than what I have.  Just got 714 AP2's and am adjusting to different shafts than before.

    Wedges at least annually.  Putters rarely.  My current Golo 5 replaced a couple of old standbys of many years.



    Similar updating patterns to what others have stated. New Driver when they come out, Irons maybe every other release. Hybrids and woods are as needed. Wedges usually once a season. I have been gaming the same 009 Beach for the past several years, with no reason to change in the near future.



    pretty much whenever i feel like i'm losing too much by the lack of technological upgrades.  i like to have a well played with set.  obviously, i keep my clubs clean and well cared for, but there's something about a club that's been played that gives me a little extra confidence.  i went probably close to 10 years or more without really changing anything.  but within the last 4 years i've replaced my entire bag except wedges.  just need to figure out exactly what i want and bite the bullet.  putter isn't even a question.  i've only used 2 putters in the last 15+ years.


    Economics aside, I would upgrade clubs more often than I do. But alas, competition for my dollars comes form many sources, notably my kids, and so wholesale upgrades do not occur very often. it also is  a function of how often I actually get to play. Again,  with young kids, playing time is quite limited and thus the demand for longer, straighter, tighter dispersion, greater backspin, is less in my life right now. I am at an interesting point in my life and age where I probably can alter set up, i.e., shaft type, weight, and stiffness a bit to gain back some lost distance. I found this to be quite true in my upgrade to the newest Titleist irons. Shaft technology makes a discernable difference. I would say that for my limited time on course, my set up will not change much from the current set unless I find some  crazy money - My driver might be a candidate for examination....Love my Circa 62 #3 Scotty Cameron putter - no need to upgrade that beauty! Still playing a Sonartec 3 wood and Sonartec 4 wood and Adams hybrid (great club)..