FedEx Cup--Who wins this year


    Okay guys, who will the winner be this year??

    My vote goes to Tiger. I don't see anyone else, unless Tiger pulls out.

    I forgot to add that Steve  Stricker may be the dark horse.


    I think it will be Tiger as well since he has such a big lead. 

    I expect to see him not play next week allowing himself some downtime before the Tour Championship as he has such a lead that he can afford to take the time off.

    I'd love to see someone else like Stricker or Furyk (if he can win this week) give Tiger a run for his money though...

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    As of Monday night (09-07) your dark horse may have got a little brighter.  But Tiger did go low today so I will say he'll pour it on when needed to capture the cup.


    Looks like I had a lucky guess with Stricker coming through today...

    Who wins the whole thing though....




    With this weeks win, Stricker is now 909 points ahead of Tiger. Good Luck Steve!


    stricker just may be the man to watch, but !!!!!!!!

    if you're putting money down, don't let it be against tiger.

    look at the charge he's put on late in both of the first two legs. if he can keep up that momentum, the last two legs are his.


    Stricker is looking really good right now, and as they said he is Mr September. Would be great to see the guy from WI take it all. I have never met him but he seems like a great guy.


    el tigre