Rules Enforcement -- Tough to be "that" guy

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    In a tournament someone breaks a rule it has to be called out , if only to be fair to everyone in the tournament.


    Played in a club tourney yesterday and members guest did a 'no-no'.  He had a caddie place a hat down at the top of deep bunker to help with his line.  It was the last hole and I was a bit "out of it" when it happened.  Thought about it few a few mins after we finished and decided to let it go.  Later when they awarded prizes, this guy wins a pretty nice prize with his score.  What would you all have done?

    I think that it should have been pointed out at the time it happened prior to him hitting the shot,  Everyone in the foursome knew it was a violation and in order to keep the playing field level everyone had a responsibility to call the penality.  Be a sportsman and prevent the penality in a friendly gesture....I have no guilt about calling a penality during play and I do on myself all the time....I called a double hit on myself this week and the guys in the foursome said, "we did not hear it", and my response was I did and that is what matters......the guest has no respect for the game of golf and is more concerned about winning a prize and that is not a winner, that is a loser with a big L.......  


    I think that when the hat was being placed was the time to mention it, a comment that placing the hat for the target would violate the rules and he may want to remove it before playing his shot.  And while yes it was a violation it was to late at the award ceremony - nice prize or not.  Oh and hopefully he did not beat you out of the prize by a stroke.  I have issues with the calling  in of rules violations on tour after rounds are over and to me this would fall in the same boat.  Mention it at the time or forever be silent.  To late after the prizes are awarded.