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    Or hit it and chase it!


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    I can't do that Don. Apparently. But I can play a Titleist.....

    Randy - You really need to stay at a Holiday Inn Express...


    Here is how Titleist Customer Service would answer the question of cold weather effects on golf balls.

    Golf balls are designed to work best at temperatures around 70°F.  If they get a lot colder than that, the feel will become harder, there will be a moderate loss of distance, and the greenside responsiveness will decline.  Much hotter than that, and durability may suffer, there may be excessive spin, and any distance gain will be minimal or nonexistent.  Thus, we recommend storing golf balls indoors at room temperature between rounds, so that they remain near 70°.  

    Thank you for your question regarding Titleist golf balls. While we do not have specific data available to be shared, there are really two aspects to the question of temperature: the temperature of the ball itself, and the temperature of the air it's flying through. When the ball gets cold, the materials lose some resilience ("bounciness") so they come off the clubface slower and thus lose some distance. The materials also firm up, which makes the ball feel harder on impact. Since most golf balls these days use similar materials inside, these effects will also tend to be similar. Of course, these factors can be easily minimized or eliminated by not letting the ball get cold. We always recommend that golf balls be stored indoors at room temperature between rounds, and that's especially important during cold or hot times. If it's really cold outside, it's not a bad idea to alternate two balls hole-by-hole, keeping the idle one in a warm pocket.

    The air temperature affects ball flight because colder air is denser ("heavier") and thus caused greater aerodynamic drag. There is nothing you can do about this one, and it will affect different types of balls in essentially the same way. It's not a huge effect but it can be significant. The distance loss between a 70° day and a 40° day, for example, will be somewhere in the ballpark of 2%.


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    We play in Mass/RI. as long as the courses are open . I play the So Lo and just keep two extras warming in my pocket. Each hole I just play one of the So Lo's that were warming up.


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    Me, I play a small white ball that has dimples on it. There is always a script logo on said ball that says Titleist. To me, thats the one and only key.

    Other than that, everything else happens between our ears.

    Hit the ball. Find the ball. Hit it again. Get it in the hole.......

    I like that, whatever it takes to get it to the hole in the least amount of strokes....whatever works, it boils down to choices......I play the same Titleist ball the year round.....wind, rain, sleet, hail, or snow, the ball must get there.......not original but it applies this thread.....if you can't consistently find the middle of the fairway and hit GIRs it really doesn't matter which ball you play and what the conditions are......so go have "fun" and enjoy the "game" of golf......

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    I live in eastern Mass. My golf bag is full of ProV1 and now some ProV1x. Maybe it's psychological, but I picked up some DT Solos over the weekend to play a few rounds with this coming winter. I used one yesterday just for kicks, not real cold, in the 50's when teeing off, and it did seem to feel "softer" than the ProV1x I used the day before. I'll make it an experiment this winter, swapping back and forth between the two balls. If I don't kill all the related brain cells warming up after rounds at the 19th, I will post results next spring.


    Makes sense, as the weather gets colder the air gets denser, effectively creating more resistance to your golf ball.  

    For what's it's worth, I don't switch in colder weather.  Although, living in Atlanta we don't golf much once it gets below 50, and the loss of distance is hardly noticeable.  


    To offset the cold, you have to play a softer compression golf ball to avoid losing lots of distance. Luckily, there are more options for the cold weather golfer now than ever. I’m a Bridgestone Golf staff professional, and the Bridgestone e6 is easily the best cold weather ball I’ve ever played. When I make a good swing in 45-degree weather and hit the middle of the club face, the e6 goes only a few yards shorter than my B330 in the summertime. If you have your hand warmers, it’ll be easier to find the middle of the club face than when your hands are frozen.

    From golfwrx..


    I have always switched from the ProV1x to the ProV1 for a lower compression ball with good feel in the winter as it appears many do.  However, there was a similar discussion on the TT board last winter.  Mike D. put out some info from the Titleist R&D.  The response was as follows:

    This is a question we get a lot and our R&D team provided some insight a while back on the topic. Here's what they had to say...

    Titleist R&D: If you are playing with cold golf balls you’ll see distance loss. We recommend playing with room temperature golf balls. However, the other factors that typically accompany cold-weather golf (i.e. wearing more layers, frozen ground, wind, etc.) might have a bigger impact on a golfer’s overall performance.

    At the end of the day, I would recommend always playing the same model golf ball. Keep in mind, changing golf balls changes every shot. So the best way to take that element out of the equation is to find the best golf ball for your game and play it consistently.

    Check out this post for some more great info on the importance of playing the same golf ball...


    Hope this helps.


    We teed off at 730am today and it was 45 degrees in Charleston.....had on a few layers and was using my Prov1 and lost about 10 yards off the tee and just followed Chris' advise and used one more club with the irons, but that did not help my irratic play.....with the cold and layering, and the fact that I left my cart mitts at home it was terrible day and a horrible 81......too many boogies.....the putter was colder than the temperature outside.......think it got up to 58 by the time we finished at 1050am.......but I looked good in my FJ outerwear......big week next week.....three tournaments in eight days......