An Extraordinary Day With the Folks From Titleist


    What a great opportunity!  Sounds like braving those cool temps and blowing winds were worth it...Congrats on the new AP2s. Let us know when we need to start asking for autographs, lol


    That's awesome.  I'm dripping with envy, but really happy that you had a great experience.  Titleist is first class all the way.  I've been lucky enough to participate in several things for the company and they're continually proving that they're the best- hands down.  I'm not brand loyal to anything else.  Titleist, and of course FJ are just the best period.


    pistolpeteI don't know how much a Titleist fitting session will set you back, but the process of using some of the more sophisticated technology to assist in the process of dialing in the proper club head model, shaft and lie angle makes a HUGE amount of sense. Trackman provides numerical feedback that graphically demonstrates what is working and what is not. An experienced club fitter will knowledgeably assess your swing with his or her eyeball, getting you into the right realm of shaft weight, stiffness, material, etc. He or she will help you objectively select the right model and will honestly guide you. If you are an 18 handicap but starting grooving'em on the range the day before the fitting after reading  that tip in the golf magazine of your choice, you might be letting the inner ego, your pro golfer dude convince you that the workability of the pure blade irons are just what you need. Of course those first couple of dubs while swinging for the Trackman are just nerves, miscues....Your fitter will gently, but forcefully, tell you what your inner pro golfer ego won't  - "Let's hit a few with the AP2s (yes, a game improvement club head but used on Tour by Jason Dufner) ." As you move through shaft types, the numbers on Trackman let you know just what is happening. And again, the experienced eye of your fitter will dial in the proper lie of your clubs. 

    In my humble opinion, the Titleist fitting is one of the best improvements your game will ever experience!

    Pete, I am headed to Oceanside for a Titleist Fitting (in a couple weeks) at the Titleist you have any recommendations now that you have went through it so that I can make the most of the day? I appreciate all your help, it sounds like you had an awesome experience!


    I suspect that anyone heading to Titleist specifically for a fitting ( and paying for it!!) will get the platinum treatment. The purpose of my day with Titleist was to join with another three persons and make commercials for the new AP irons. Given the scheduling demands,  we may have undergone a more abbreviated fitting than you may experience. This is NOT to say my fitting was any less rigorous or effective. But that process of finding the perfect shaft might take even more time than it did with me only because we were fitted solely for irons. That said (and the idea that your fitting might take longer than 45 minutes to an hour is really speculation on my part), I think common sense rules the day. Your fitter will let you warm up with your clubs - Don't be afraid to hit more than a few balls in order to loosen up and get your swing working. Don;t think that because you are with a pro you will now hit like a pro. Normal swing, normal tempo. You need to focus only on YOUR swing! Don't worry if you fluff a few  - it is to be expected and your fitter will toss aside those swings.

    I was surprised at how far the ball flew..and not in a good way!  I put that aside and tried to focus only on making MY swing and making a good strike. Your fitter will ask you how each shaft feels  - try to be aware of differences - is it too stiff, too whippy, too heavy, too light -  and try to think about the sensation, the feel. When I hit a few that I thought were really good, guess what? Trackman agreed! Higher ball speeds, better spin rates and longer distances (longer is relative, heh heh)...

    I tried to get my fitter to talk a bit about himself  - Tried to make a connection so that he would be a bit more vested in the outcome, would want to see me do well. it worked! i had a great time and I think i made the process somewhat less like work for my awesome fitter. With a rapport in place, you'll think less about the process and more about swinging the club as best you can! You WIll have a lot of fun Chris and I think I speak for all here in the FJC when I say good luck and we cannot wait to hear your stories *( and maybe see a few photos!).


    Thanks Brian - You've been through this process, have you not? I just want to know how you handled the paparazzi after your commercial series debuted!!! I actually think I had the shakiest of the swings they filmed - I may be lucky of I even hit the cutting room floor! As for the clubs, the debriefing is underway mostly at the local range. When I dial them in, the ball does fly! Higher trajectory with more distance - always a good combination!  More to come....before the snow flies here on the Cape...


    While we are all insanely jealous, hopefully your tale will inspire more of us to spend the money and get fitted. From what I've read, 5 MPH added clubhead speed translates into 15 extra yards. Thanks for the report! I'm going to get fitted VERY soon.


    What a great opportunity!  It's really neat to hear about experiences like this for normal everyday players like ourselves.  What a great way to get into your new 714 irons!


    I had a blast! However, new irons and a good fitting are simply the first steps in my improvement plan. The fitting clearly has made a difference and mainly by allowing me to more effectively use the natural tendencies I have in my swing.  As a former hockey player, I have a flattish swing and accommodating that tendency by changing lie angle has resulted in a measurable improvement in my ball striking.

    As to the 714s, clean strikes are a solid forged feel - more powerfully pure than buttery - that may be my own perception but is also a function of the softness of the steel used in the club head. Some forgings are made of softer steel than others....Sp far, clean strikes fly nicely, not too high a trajectory and the ball behaves beautifully - stops on a dime!

    Mishits: Alas, still lots of these strikes in my bag. These strikes are nothing extraordinary. I pay the price in loss of distance. No revelations there, I am sure

    These are beautiful clubs. They are a forgiving players iron and I am thrilled thus far with their performance.

    You will not go wrong putting these babies in your bag!

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    Thank you all for sharing.  I am excited and anxious at the same time to get fitted for the 714's to find out what will be a good match for me.  Congrats on the new sticks, enjoy!

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    Pistolpete, thank you very much for your informative recount. Yes I am very envious but I am more happy to hear the great professional treatment and exquisite design produced yet again by Titleist. Makes me a very proud TT member. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing the commercials in early November.


    Awesome experience, thanks for sharing!