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While We're Young Pledge!


    I have been a golfer since 1996 and I think for most of the years the USGA did a great job governing the game. Over the past 2 or so years, they have made quite a few poor decisions in my opinion. I just don't see their purpose with the game at this point. It should be up to the local course to enforce pace of play rules. While I find this campaign stupid, I think the "tee it forward" initiative delivers a much better message and it is a shame they aren't focusing on that more.

    REPEAT:  Here are some tips for speeding up slow play on the golf course:

    • Choose the correct set of tees from which to play. If you're a 20-handicapper, you have no business playing the championship tees. Doing so only adds strokes, which add time.

    I think this is something we have touched on and I believe the USGA had this in mind as well......."tee it forward" is about playing the appropriate tees........it adds fun to the game as well as speeding it up......you are correct, it should be up to the course to enforce the pace of play, but if each of us does our part it makes it easier on those rangers.....I have worked as a ranger and you begin to feel like a policemen.......4hrs to 415 is ok.....but past that becomes a issue and the course backs up.....the USGA cannot enforce the pace of play, only recommend to its members to do their part........they can set forth the rules of golf and count on us to enforce them on outselves on the honor system......and they are there to help us.....it's all about choices and I plan on doing my part and I appreciate others in our community joining in........cz


    I'm glad the "While we are young" slogan died a quiet death. I agree in theory but the slogan was irritating.