Follow Up with Kudos to FJ

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    A couple weeks ago on this forum I criticized my fabric MProject shoes because they're difficult to keep clean.  That hasn't changed and I recommend that anyone considering a pair, plan on using them in dry conditions.  However, shortly after I posted my opinion, Foot Joy contacted me and sent me a new pair of leather MProject shoes, that arrived today.  I commend Foot Joy for its great customer service and will continue to be a Foot Joy customer for as long as I can play the game.


    Welcome to the FJ community.....for those of us who live and die by FJ, we agree....why not complete you profile and join in on the interaction with the community.....we are a bunch of FJ lovers who love to discuss golf and FJ products......take it you were in the USN...myself  :  )


    @usndon, Now that's great customer service!  I looked for your previous post and didn't find it. I did, however, find a few posts on the mesh M's and that you can put them in the washing machine (after removing the footbeds/inner soles). Just wondering if you tried cleaning that way?


    The FJ Customer Service is second to none.  As Chuck says, complete your profile and join in here.  You'll find a bunch of like minded folks!