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The story of the Three Bears


    To cold:

    Members of the community want members who don't partcipate to be dropped.

    To Hot: Members of the community want members to stop posting excessively.

    Just right: That is certainly dependent on the individual.

    Once you acheive Ambassador status are your postings or frequency of posting any more or less relevant?

    If or when I acheive Ambassador status I am certain my posting behavior won't change.


    Interesting thoughts...I acheived FJA Status in September 4 years ago...I did it primarily through other forms of points as I recall vs postings on the site (albeit I did make some posts but only where I could contribute and now four years later there are so many more interesting threads).  That being said, I would say my postings have increased now to the highest level in my career obviously it means nothing outside of fun and interactions with everyone in the community.   Mark, I liked your commentary though about your posting behavior not changing...sounds like a great plan.


    Two be or not too be, I am knot sure Don will get this one but it could be to much for him


    Love it Mark.  I've run many forums and participated in many others over the years!  You always have those who say "get rid of non-contributors" and those who complaint about "post count padders".

    There's never a right or wrong answer and most of the time it is up to the site administration to make the call in either direction.  Fortunately here at the FJC Devin and company seem to always take care of the site appropriately!

    As to your posting habits, I bet they change over time even if you don't think they will.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing (or a good thing), it remains to be seen!


    did anyone else see the topic and that Holley had posted and immediately click to see what he said??


    I find that the last couple of days have been very interesting regarding postings.  Part of adding to this community is participation and having respect for one another.  That seems to be built into the creed of the Ambassador program.  I have the untmost repect for the Ambassadors (as well as FJ and the entire community) and hope to be one myself in the future.  It is my goal to continue to contribute in a postive manner, as I have in the past, and have the upmost repect for other members of this community.  I appreciate where Mark is coming from.  I have a strong interest in this community and plan on being here for a long time.  For many years I was a facilitator and did a lot of public speaking and always researched for appropriate sayings and ran accross this.  

    "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”  

    Galileo Galilei quotes (Italian natural Philosopher. 1564-1642)

    With the utmost respect.  CZ  : )



    Barges in like they own place.

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    Then leaves after trashing the place



    Two be or not too be, I am knot sure Don will get this one but it could be to much for him

    Wails, whales, Wales, I don't know what you're talking about. :-)