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Concussions and the NFL


    PBS, of all television networks, has begun collecting week by week data on concussions in the NFL. No one else apparently aggregates this data according to FRONTLINE, an investigative news program produced for PBS. Given the recent record settlement with former players  by the NFL on health issues related to head injuries, I thought the football -focused fans in the FJC might find this interesting to view and perhaps follow during the season.

    I wonder if the NFL executives have seen this study? Thankfully, the most common head injuries in golf  are related to cogitation, not concussion!



    That is pretty interesting. Players get paid a lot of money. I think most if these guys will sacrfive their health for the pay check.

    It is not a big leap of thinking to come to the conclusion that if I run into or get run into at a full run that it will have negative consequences on your physical well being. I think these guys should take a little more personal responsibility for their health...and yes that may mean not playing football.


    Agree.  People that weigh in the vicinity of 300 lbs and can run 40 yards under 5 seconds....that is a formula for disaster...these guys are big and fast....no wonder the rules are changing to protect the head....you target someones head and you are out of the game and fined, but that does not stop the person on the receiving end from getting a concussion......they are there because they want to hit somebody and they do not mind the pain and enjoy being paid a lot of money to do it.....ask Terry Bradshaw......he received his share.......not for me to comprehend....but we love the entertainment of the game at others expense, or pain......


    Well said Mark. The cost of the "big pay day" is collisions. The only remedy I can see if limiting the size of players. In the end, concussions may spell the end of football. The next big sport? Lacrosse.