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Training aids


    "Will the turf hold up to small chip shots? "

    Pretty sure it would, but you might want to give them a call to be sure.



    Noel which one do you have

    I got mine from birdieball.com.


    It's a 4x13.5.

    I have to agree with the quality of the putting mat from Birdieball.  I purchased one a couple of months ago when there was some traffic about it on the TT site and they offered a special price/discount.  The balls seem to roll very well on the surface and it is a good product for practice at home.


    That's a nice set up Noel. Mine is a Big Moss putting mat that can simulate breaks, but the speed is fixed. Like your's, it's best on a solid floor but it doesn't work good for chipping because of that. The piece of ply wood is so I can work on the putter staying on the line (my propensity is to "loop it" outside). The plywood won't move on the mat and it will flat out stop the putter in its tracks if I get it outside the line. Aside from that, alignment sticks and dry erase marker for checking alignment and contact are my training aids as well as a video camera when things really go "haywire". One thing about using impact tape, spray or markers - they don't work well on moist turf. Typically, they work best on the mats.


    I use alignment sticks ( driveway markers), two products by eyeline - the Putting mirror and Edge Putting rail and the Pivot Pro ( helps correct my sway), also recently started using the Power Chute to help me increase my swing speed.  for stretching before a round or practice I recently started using  a Superflex Fitness bands.