First 9 holes with my daughter!


    So Monday I took my daughter to a short "par 3" style muni nearby where I know I could take a 3 year old in the cart and not hold up play or disrupt people.

    She did awesome and loved riding in the cart.  So cool to share golf with her.  I might have to take her more often because I shot 36 on the par 34 course!  I was laughing at her the whole time drawing pictures on the scorecard (or map as she called it), picking up my ball when we got to the green BEFORE I got up to mark it... haha

    Just one of the greatest days a dad could want and a day I'll cherish for the rest of my life.  Can't wait for our 5 month old son to be in that position and take him for the first time.

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    Hey Justin,

    That's great!!! I had some short game practice on Monday with my 3-year old also. She can swing a club but putting was a new experience for her also.  Unfortunately the greens keeper wasn't too impressed ;) but she soon got the hang of the difference between a puttin stroke and a swing. She loves the feeling of the 'baby' grass under her feet.


    Sounded like a wonderful day and fun shared day at the course........I worked as a starter at a course and loved to see families together on the course in the afternoon.......a good  : )


    You guys looked great Justin....

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    Sounds like a lot of fun! I have a 6 month old son and I can hardly wait until he's old enough to go play!!!


    Pretty great age. I played 3 holes with my girls a few weeks ago. Such an enjoyable time. Hope they pick the game up; would love their company on the course when I'm old and senile.


    That's so cool. I started taking my son to the course at about the same age. Just a wonderful time and great memories.


    That's a great experience that I'm sure you will cherish


    The best was her using my Scotty backwards to scoop the ball of the green instead of putting to the hole.  lol she's going to need ALOT of work before the LPGA.

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    Great time to get em started, just give em a club and let em have at it. My 8 yr old is funny  he tells me " leave me alone and let me put it in the hole"

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    Awesome!!  I still have my now nine year old son as my background on my phone and computer.  He was almost four when I took the picture.  Now he is in awe of the high school golf team.  We seem to practice about the same time and it is great to see him with them.