#1 SHOE IN GOLF           #1 GLOVE IN GOLF


Who in our FJC has the coolest avatar?


    mine has got to be the best, look at that island green and the finish on my stroke.  the ball resting in the center (i know it's hard to see it, but it's there) of the green is mine and i hit that baby in one (what a feeling) while my son put two in the drink.    gotta be that sawgrass 17th twin as the coolest.

    Beautiful picture, but we gotta teach how to insert a bigger image, that one is tiny :)


    Bruce, I thought Salacious BH did the soundtrack for Harry Potter 14: Curse of the Hoodie and Gold Fronts, maybe it was a different part of that series.


    golfchickgolferdrmjrWell, as per Randy, if it has to be a person's photo then it's a tie between golfchick (Chris), girlsgotgolf (Alex), and Denise Preston. There's no way any guys photo is going to be better than the girls, I don't care what you do. Besides, they all have great smiles! And there's also no way I'm picking one over the other, I've be married a long time and I'm not stupid. :-) I think Don absolutely nailed it.

    I can't add to this. Perfectly said.

    Glad to hear we 'Girls' have !