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    I received a letter today from the President of the PGA of America notifying me that my name hhas been recorded in he PGA Hole-in-One archieve at the PGA Historical Center in Port St Lucie, FL and on  I forgot that I had registered a hole-in-one from last year recently with the PGA.....also received a nice certificate, suitable for framing with the letter.  Next time you have a hole-in-one.  Don't forget to register it with the PGA.  CZ  : )

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    Thanks ........congrats  on yours. Hopefully I will be able to join the club in the near future.

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    Congrats Chuck! That's good to know, thanks. Now if I could just get that ace :(


    That's, what were those odds of making a hole-in-1 again?


    50/50....either it goes in or it doesn't.......those sound like better odds......and that it the attitude I take when I tee it  : )