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Cute article form USA Today Sports

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    The 17 types of people you meet on the golf course. Note #8 MyJoys


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    HA! These are hilarious and true. I get paired up with a lot of #17s.


    I'm #15, knowledge is power!     And I don't slow up play!


    HA! These are hilarious and true. I get paired up with a lot of #17s.

    Funny and so true.  When I play outside my normal M,W, F group I get the same as you.  #17 pops us a lot, but see some of the other as well.  I think that is why we tend to play with one group all the time.  In my Saturday group one of my partners who refuses to warmup and he only plays on Saturday, but finds a millions reasons why he plays bad.  Maybe they should have put down a 19th.  The early caller on putting.  So many people miss putts because of someone says great putt......ha...ha...cz


    Very good!

    Adore those pink FJ classics in NO. 8 but didn't old Tom Morris wear plus 4s?

    There are some other classics in there though and think I could safely say I've just about experienced ... and often participated in it all !!!

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    Pretty hysterical piece, #4 seem to always play just ahead of us until they get the message that they are holding up play from the Marshal. Thanks for sharing.


    I think we have all played with someone in each of those categories, very funny


    At an office golf outing, a client showed up at the club dressed entirely in red from his visor to his FJ golf shoes (this was pre-MyJoys, in the 1980s). He looked slightly ridiculous and especially so when he bladed his nine iron on the second hole, a par 3 into the trap. The format of the outing had the club pro giving pointers on a couple of holes, this par 3 being one of them. He showed "Big Red" a little bunker technique and of course, Red promptly took all advice to heart and lofted a beauty out of the short-sided bunker, landing the ball like it was on a parachute a foot from the hole where it curled perfectly into the side of the cup.

    He immediately reverted to his 22+ handicap mean, but for a few moments there he looked awfully good swaggering onto the green to pluck his ball out of the hole! Like he really should be wearing nothing but RED!

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    That's a funny article...I know a couple #17's

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    Haha thanks for sharing.  I'm pretty sure my usual playing partner fits #16 perfectly.


    Just read this article and loved it!  

    I played today and certainly had the "Butch Harmon Wannbe" in my group giving advice the whole round .  And the guy getting the advice would consistently say "great shot" to anything that came off the club face.  Both were pretty painful and I just tried to avoid it by hitting my shots to the other side of the fairway -- definitely intentional :)

    I think one should be added as well:  After missing a putt, a players proceeds to practice that putt a few times even while you are ready to go for your "real" putt or "finishes out" by stepping on your line.