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Titleist Performance Institute videos


    Anyone know if it is possible to view old show segments? Is there a directory of them some where?


    I thought there was an archive....I will go back and look later and try to find it...


    not sure if there is anything specific you're looking for, but youtube has a lot of their videos.



    Everything I wanted is there.

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    I'm not sure if you are able to get full videos of older episodes of the Golf Fitness Academy on myTPI.com - I think only a select few are available. I had previously purchased seasons 6 and 7 from iTunes but season 8 or 9 are not available. I rang and asked them for either the DVD or iTunes and they said it should be available soon. That was last year. So I'm not sure what happened but the Golf Fitness Academy Seasons 8 and 9 don't seem to be available in full anywhere.