Wish Me Luck


    Good luck!  Make sure you're drinking / hydrating up early (start today if you haven't).  Trying to hydrate the day of will not help you!  (although its important to keep the hydration up that you've already hopefully started)


    Best of luck to you.  Stay focused and play well.  Remember one shot, one hole at a time.  Please let us know how you do.

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    Good luck! Hit 'em straight.


    Played practice round and my wedges "double crossed" me.....get the punn..... cz : )


    Sounds like fun, Chuck!  Stay hydrated and bring a wet and a dry face towel.

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    Good luck and stay cool!!

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    Chuck,hit them straightY ) ***except on some  dog legs),stay cool and most important enjoy the day.

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    Good luck!  Have fun and hit it straight.


    play well  Chuck and represent FJ

    I played that course a few years back...really like it alot...good luck!!


    After a four putt and a three putt on Sunday and one of those chili poppers (shank) I finished tied for seventh in my flight.....not the news I wanted to report....there is always next year....won my flight last year......the ball does funny things in competition...there will be other tournaments this : )

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    Chuck! Sorry to hear that. I play the lag putt game prior to any round. 1 ball, choose any hole on the practice green thats about a casual 10 - 15 paces away. This should get you about 20 - 30 feet. See if you can 2-putt it 9 times in a row. Choose different putting locations after each attempt. This will get you focusing on the importance of the first putt all the time. Now I only 3-putt an average of 1 every round for the past 6 months.