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Bucket List - Fenway Park


    On July 2nd, I experience a once in a lifetime event.  I was fortunate enough to take batting practice at Fenway Park.  Couple of notes I want to be transparent on, yes I did hit from home plate, it was a pitching machine set at 62mph, I did have an alluminum bat, and best of all I did hit the Green Monster.  Could not have done it without my M-Projects...

    What a great time, and certainly a check off the "bucket list".

    I know if I had a wedge in my hand I would have taken one over....lol


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    I'm so jealous!!! I've been to Fenway several times for games but, I've never been on the field. Great Pics...thanks for sharing.


    Awesome. Would be awesome to take a few cuts at the GM.   I plan on scratching Wrigley Field off the list in October.



    Holy mother of Boston, every Boston's kids dream. Great pics Wow so cool.


    Awesome! How'd you pull it off?


    sorry for your loss BB, i noticed that you had two legs while swinging for the fence but it was gone when you got to the dugout.

    must a been a terrible accident but awfully good medics to get you back up and around for that second pic.

    fenway once for me as a teen, so long ago!


    Well done and played. Must have been an exceptional time.


    What a cool experience! One of my high school classmates is an executive within the Sox organization and I couldn't leverage that into an on field appearance! I am so looking forward to taking my boys to a game this year - My first big league game was a night game at Fenway in 1967. Sox versus the then Washington Senators. I can still see the bright impossibly green grass under the lights. What a magical moment for a kid who loved baseball and everything about the Boston Red Sox...


    Sounds like a lot of fun, lucky you!


    What a great experience!  I've never had any such luck, but one of my grandsons has been able to run the bases at Atlanta's stadiums a couple of times.

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    Awesome ! When you walk through the tunnels  and see that field and the Monster it is a great sense  that  you are a in a special

    place.  I imagine Wrigley has the same feeling.

    Being on the field had to be a great experience.


    Wow that's awesome. I'm heading to Fenway right now. I've been lucky enough to be on the field but batting practice, a whole new level!!!

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    Wow, that is really sweet. I have been on the field and some of the business areas (back in the 90's), but batting practice has to be another level of awesome. Oops, on review they called you OUT for being outside the batter's box.


    Wowww! That is an amazing experience! I've been to Fenway, but I could only score standing room only tickets. Taking batting practice takes it to another level.  My dream is to pull out a 7 iron and take some hacks at a major league ball park.


    The pithcing machine was set up at 62mph.  The first few pitchs were very slow to me for some reason so I moved up as I was trying to hit the Monster.  Now that it is Friday, I can tell you that my right shoulder is in pain.  Not the best choice as I have the RI State AM on Tuesday, but it was certainly a once in a live time opportunity and I would never pass that by.

    Being in such a small ball park is something I am used to going to many games as a kid and now an adult, but when you are on the field in the batter's box looking out or behind the ball park truly becomes a stadium.  It is amazing how big it looked once you standing there.  

    If there was a microphone near the batter's box, I could have blasted out the entire city as my knees where knocking..I don't think I had ever been that nervous in my life.

    Great time, glad you enjoyed the pics!  GO SOX!!!