Sergio at Merion


    Given it's in Philadelphia, there probably will be an abundance of heckling at Sergio and anyone else playing. However, once Sergio finds a way to shoot himself out of contention, it won't be a story. Besides, the crowds may be relatively small.

    philly fans have been known to heckle their own players.

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    Shaking hands doesn't mean Sergio will get off so easy... I like the suggestion above that he get absolute silence.

    As I said in an earlier post, this isn't going away so fast.

    But if you make a *** remark, it sticks forever.

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    I think he will hear his fair share, but I also think if he can play through it, and post some decent numbers, and show he's tough enough, he may get the crowd in his corner this weekend.


    Philly fans have done more than just heckle their own players


    philadelphia eagles fans once booed santa santa jovial 63 year old frank olivo loves philly teams


    Karma is witch


    I don't think he will make the cut.

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    USGA put him in a pairing with two of the most likable guys on tour in hopes that it deters the hecklers...I have not seen any of the live footage today, but seeing his scores, I would think that the good ole boys in Philly are giving him ***.


    I think he doesn't have the mental fortitude to make it through this weekend.


    Racking up a 10 after hitting 3 OOB on the same hole is gonna make it very tough indeed.


    He was certaily the most colourful on Sunday in his hot pink pants and ensemble which IMHO looked great.

    I think he did pretty well considering all the controversy leading into the tournament and after the 10 on Saturday.

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    I was at Merion and heard very little heckling.  Officials offered to remove anyone who bothered Sergio but he declined.  He said it would only make things worse (and he was probably right).



    From all reports the heckling was fairly constrained.  My hats off to the spectators who kept it mostly civil!