Swing thoughts


    What do you think about during your swing?

    I count. 1 on the backswing, 2 on the down swing. If I don't do that I have random thoughts: Don't chunk this! What's for dinner? I like peanut butter sandwhiches!


    On the tee ... usually the missed putts on the last.

    From the fairway ... why wasn't I here for two.

    On the green ... I really need to fix those shanks.

    Walking to the next hole ... the fourth putt is the easiest shot in golf ... and ... where did I put my calculator.


    Love the response, Croc.  I don't believe I think of anything much, perhaps just "swing smoothly.  Don't try to *** it."


    George Plimpton was an author who penned a series fo popular books recounting his experiences participating as an amateur trying to play in professional sports - Think of it as fantasy sports gone wild. As I recall, he was a try-out QB in training camp for the Detroit Lions football team, skated with the Boston Bruins, played major league baseball, and of course, the PGA Tour and professional golf.

    I remember a passage in his book on golf where he talks about the routine, what goes through his mind as he prepares to hit a shot: George tries to quiet the demons of doubt swirling in his head before each shot - a wee small gent perched on a shoulder whispers admonishments - He has a feeling that his swing has become a mechanical entity overseen by Japanese admirals pushing buttons, whirring dials all in an effort to avoid hitting the dreaded shank...

    Hilarious stuff! Needless to say, George Plimpton was a very average golfer. A 90's shooter with an 18 handicap...


    I'm usually thinking - I hope that guy over in the next fairway can duck in a hurry!

    Actually I try to not have any thoughts when I'm on the course other than where I want the ball to go.  It doesn't always work but most of the time I can refrain from thinking about my swing.  I'm fortunate in that bad shots are forgotten before the ball stops moving and I'm on to the next shot (usually having to figure out how the heck I'm going to get out of the mess I just got myself into!)


    It varies depending on what I'm working on at the time. But having a swing tempo thought is probably the best. They say the best golfers are the ones that think the least, their brains don't get in the way. :-)  


    I use the qute from the movie Platoon!!

    "Free your mind and your 'rear-end will follow"!

    Feel free to substitute you own word for rear-end!

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    I usually think that I need to tee off before the group behind us gets close enough to watch .

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    When I  am playing bad I have 29849389208 random swing thoughts going thru my head, lot to do with numbers and degree of swing path..... when I am swinging good the only thought tends to be "am I having a *** at the turn"


    Swing thoughts = swing issues to me.

    I warm up and prepare for the round.  Every hole I have an idea of how I would like to play it and a plan to do that.

    Like Joe said, the only time I have swing thoughts are when I'm playing bad.



    i usually try to get any thoughts about the hole out of the way during my pre-shot routine.  once i step to the ball i have one stop i'm looking at as an aiming guide and i usually have one swing thought i'm focusing on.  after that, it's just let it go and swing.


    I play slow with a lot of swing thoughts, pretty close to Joe's number, maybe.  

    When the round is slow, I would usually check-in at Facebook, snap a picture even, open FJC. . . because I've never played well while practice is in mind.  My chances are better when fun is in mind-- play.