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    Looking for a new set of irons. AP2s are at the top of list wondering if any of you play them and what you think about them?

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    I play the AP2's and I love them. I have played them for about four years and haven't found anything I hit better.  


    I have played them once and I loved them now the only thing I need is the money to buy them for me and for $1099 it will take a while


    Pretty nice clubs, great feeel. If you aren't quite ready to go to a blade, these are the club for you. Be sure to get properly fitted before your order them!


    Rick, I put the 5I from Ap2 and MB and there was a little topline thickness difference! They're a great iron, most staffers have gone to them, except Adam!


    I have them and they are fantastic. I didn't like hitting a blade but wanted something close and they were exactly what I needed. I get great response from them off the face and can work them either way. Of course get fitted, as 19hole suggested, new clubs without getting fitted are like wearing the wrong size shoe.


    I play AP2 712s.  Really great feel.  I've always played blades (695MBs), the AP2s have a similar look which I really like.

    Very satisfied with them.


    love the ap2s, very forgiving, yet easily workable, go get fit that way you make sure to get the right shaft

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    I've tried almost everything, and I always go back to my AP2s.  I'm about a 6 handicap.  A couple of my golfing buddies are higher handicappers and prefer the AP1 to the AP2.  I had the 710s before I bought the 712s and can't say that I noticed a big difference in the newer model.  If money is an issue, you might want to consider a good used set of the earlier model.

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    As you can see, very good clubs.  I love mine.  I have the originals though.   Wait till the 714's come out, I almost wish the seson was over so I can get them!   And get fitted!!   Extreme game changer with clubs that are made for you.  


     Maiden voyage at Torrey South in the morning!


    I also play 712 AP2s.  I have found them both excellent performers and sufficiently forgiving, without being unlike the older blades.  I've tried "newer" look irons (Cobra Fps, but never felt really comfortable with them.  That's why I replaced them with the 712 AP2s, but I had myself properly fitted and tried the AP1s, the CBs and the MBs before deciding on the AP2s.  Best decision I've made in a long time, but I also added two Vokey SM4 wedges to the mix.


    If they ever pry my current irons from my cold, dead fingers, AP2's will be the replacement.


    looking good!


    Nice new sticks Todd.  Enjoy.

    I went from 690MB's to the 710 AP2's and am very happy with them.  I may look into a combo set in the future, but for right now my sticks are fine.  Just make sure to get fitted on all the clubs completely.