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Do you Typically Walk, Ride, Caddie?

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    I always ride.  We don't have caddies at my home course, but have had the opportunity to play a few rounds with a caddie and really enjoyed it.  Only times I have ever walked was with a caddie.


    For me it depends on the course and the weather. As long as the course isnt too long or the weather too hot, I like to walk.  Anything above 90* and there is no way I'm walking...It's a miracle that I'm even playing.  Another factor for me is if I have a discount or promotion, usually they require that you pay a cart fee...if I'm paying for it, then you better believe I'm using it.

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    Push cart  or sunday bag for me.  I find that I play much better when I walk.  It allows me to get a better perspective of the terrain and focus on the next shot more effectively.  In particular, the walk up to the green allows me to see subtle breaks that I might not otherwise detect.

    (Also a great way to combine a workout with something I really enjoy.)

    When I carry, I normally take my D, 3, 5,7,9, SW P.  This not only lightens the load but forces me to compensate for the missing clubs by hitting the ones I have varying distances.

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    I like to walk. I feel that I can stay loose that way and when its cart path only i would rather have all my clubs to choose from then just the ones I bring over to my ball.


    I've never taken a caddy, but I'd love to someday. I walk whenever possible. I'll even walk if carts are included. Like others have said, I like to go directly to my ball, I play better, and I feel better about some pints and a burger at the 19th if I hoofed it for a round.


    When I play alone I walk and carry. I play better when I walk and have no distractions.

    When I play with my friends we ride. When I play with my son we ride; he drives.

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    Ride. Most of the courses I play are very hilly. I do a good bit of walking while using the cart.

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    Age: 64,  I walk whenever I can.  I have a PING pencil bag that I carry.  When I play golf with my wife, I carry double (she has an identical bag with fewer clubs).  These rounds are generally played in Minnesota and Florida.

    Having my full set with me for every shot means I always have the right club, when I need it.  I play faster and score better carrying my bag.  I also find dozens of lost balls by walking one yard into the rough as I walk to my ball while staying out of the way of the other players in the group.

    I only ride when resort courses have carts as part of the greens fee.  In these cases, the courses are frequently laid out with long drives between greens and the next tee that make walking impossible.  The walk between the 16th green and the 17th tee at the Indian Wells Players course must be close to a mile.  A lot of Palm Desert courses have the carts driving through homes and across city streets to go from green to next tee.  This can only be done by cart.

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    We play two courses every week. One course is flat and I walk. The second course is fairly hilly so we take a cart but I try not to be the driver so I still can walk quite a bit unless it is really hot.


    I am 50 - 50.

    Generally, I walk at my home course, but ride everywhere else. As pulplvr pointed out, currently I pay the same for riding vs. walking when I leave my home course. Not a lot of options anymore.

    So if I have to pay for the cart, I gotta ride in the cart.


    Breckhockey, I know exactly what you mean about long distances between some of the holes, but it sounds as you are the fortunate one to play the Wells.  I'm at Shadow Hills half the time (doesnot compare) and I always take the cart as part of the fees.



    I tend to ride since my knees are shot from basketball and volleyball. Did get to play a round with a caddie for the 1st time this year and really enjoyed it, but cost would make that one hard all of the time. Some of the courses that we play here in Milw are carts only, so walking is not an option.



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    At 80 years I do ride as I still get many 'cart balls' though not all are in the fairway.

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    I usually ride at my club.  I have to pay for it so I might as well use it.  That said, I am leaving my current place and likely joining a walking only club next year so I'll be doing a 180.  Looking forward to it.