What's in your pockets?


    OUTIGERFront right: Divot tool, FJ Coin, FJ Tee

    Back right: FJ Glove, ProV1X

    Front right: A small buckeye that I got from my dad (actually have a few of them that I rotate).

    Do not like a bunch of stuff in my pockets


    a small buckeye tim i didn't think you liked the buckeyes

    Try and pay attention here.  It's a buckeye, a seed from a pod. I feel it brings me comfort of thought and the occasional bit of luck. (was in my pocket at Medinah).  This has nothing to do with the Buckeyes whom I do not particularly care for.


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    3 tees, in play golf ball, coin from scotland as marker... all in right pocket

    if needed golf ball in left pocket