Wicker baskets at Merion for US Open


    Along with wicker baskets, Merion hues to traditionalist golf with a course routing that demands precision and a more than deft putting stroke - These greens are small, faster than fast and full of slope and undulation. A wonderful course and a great test for the US Open.


    Ah ... Merion ... last time I saw it was 1981 when David Graham became the first Australian to win the US Open.

    Now that is a fairly long time ago now and as I often forget most of what happened yesterday, have absolutely no recall of whether the wicker flags were used back then but definitely recall hearing about them there so probably were.

    Heard jack Nicklaus give his thoughts on Merion and it's perceived lack of length and he said that there had been some changes and he thought there would be 6 absolute brutish holes and also 6 pretty straight forward holes so I hope it's a great Open and of course ... that another Aussie wins this time too.

    TNT - seriously jealous. Have a great time when you get there.

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    I, too, love the wicker baskets. I think it definitely adds a classic feel to it. I can't wait for the Open and it should be very entertaining.

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    very cool tradition!!!