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2013 ProV1 & X


    Has any played enough roundswith the new Pro V balls to be able to see the difference? Using the 2012 ProV1X I generally use to balls per round. I scuff the cover with my wedges. It would be nice to be a little more durable.


    Pro V1:

- Even softer feel.

    - More distance as a result of lower driver and iron spin and a shallower angle of descent for more roll.

- Longer lasting durability. 

    - The same outstanding short game scoring performance.

    Pro V1x:

- Even more distance with lower flight. 

    - Longer lasting durability. 

    - Slightly higher iron spin. 

    - The same outstanding short game scoring performance.

    I play the Pro V1 and all of the points above are 100% true for the new ball!


    The 2013 PROV1X is spot on with DG's post.  Really a great ball.



    I'm a ProV1x player and I think the new ball is definitely a little harder, little longer, more durable and yet spins the same.

    So all good. Great ball and as always Titleist # 1 in my book.


    I don't care how durable the ball is I am a pro v1x guy for life I just like the way they work for my game

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    I don't care how durable the ball is I am a pro v1x guy for life I just like the way they work for my game

    Same here...I've used many top branded balls, but nothing compares to my Pro V1X!!!

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    The 2013 ProV1 and ProV1x are for sure more durable than previous models.  I was fortunate enough to play them during the prototyping stage and all of my findings were on track with what Titleist says about them.  They continue to perform at the same high level that the ProV1 line has always performed but they are certainly a bit more durable.  I really like the 2013 line and it is honestly the first time I have really noticed something different since their new model in 2007.  I will definitely continue to stock up on this model so that i have them for a little while to come.

    Best of luck on the links.



    I have certainly enjoyed the new 2013 ProV1's.  They are more consistent, softer feeling on "touch" shots.  I also like the new allignement arrow.  The new one is grey with a black outline, vs. just a black line.  Softer to stare down the slight line to the cup.


    I have always liked ProV1.

    I have also tried many others.

    I have always come back to ProV1.

    I chose and play ProV1x sometimes.


    My wallet still loyal to NXT Tour.


    Better durability when compared to the 2011 version.  For my game, I really haven't noticed any change in distance compared to the 2011 version in calm conditions (i.e. NO wind).  However, the 2013 version is VASTLY superior in the wind, in my opinion.  My "ball in play" for the past two years has not been a Titleist because the 2011 version did not perform well enough in the wind for me.  I have switched to the 2013 ProV1 and now have the correct brand back in the bag!

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    I gamed the new prov1x this weekend in first tourney of the year.. I was super impressed with the new cover/coating.. Lasted much longer than previous models... I pinch the ball extremely hard and found it to perform amazing on our hard greens

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    I played the new Pro V1 the other day. It is still the best performing ball for me. I didn't notice much of a performance difference compared to last year's ball. The biggest difference I saw was in durability. I was able to get a couple of more holes out of the 2013 ball before I lost it than I typically got with last years. Unfortunately, there is no difference in any of the balls when you hith them into the middle of a lake.

    I will be trying the new Pro V1X on Thursday.


    I'm a ProV1x player.   On the money for my game.  


    I've actually been playing a competitors ball (blasphemy i know!!).  this thread has encouraged me to give the ProV's a try at the least !