Golf Season so far.


    I hope that most everyone has been able to get out and play at least once so far this year. The weather between tornadoes has been awesome here.

    So how is your game and what new gear are you breaking out for the first time.

    I'm gaming the new Golo 5 and Contour Casuals in a tourney today.  Still have a couple of pairs of shoes to debut for other events.

    Happy Golfing



    Golf season never ends here!

    Putting yesterday's lesson into pay in a few hours, hard choice is Icons or M's!


    Good Luck! Hopefully the weather in benign, putts fall, as you style around the course in FJ's finest!


    Careful Tim you are going to surpass Randy. But we will continue to jab Randy because he does not posses your photo-shop skills


    Best of luck to all for a happy, healthily, great 2013 season.

    Play well and show your FJ pride!


    Like Todd said, "Golf season never ends here!". Played my 40th round of the year yesterday. Have a new set of S56 irons I've been playing since January that I like a lot. New Bomber & Tan Stingray MyJoys and some new FJ shirts.

    Happy golfing to all!


    Haven't had a warm day in Boston yet.  I rocked my FJ Rain gear this morning.  I've had some good days in Florida, the Carolina's and yes  TNT California.

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    Had good rounds in South Florida, and many rounds in southeast MA. Golf season goes on if you don't mind cold, wet and windy.

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    Had a few good rounds so far but would like to be getting out more. Love he 60s for a temp. Very comfortable to golf.


    Been 'officially' playing for about a month plus now.....Heading out today for an afternoon round...A bit cool but beautiful sunshine! Will be sporting my FJ Lo-Pro Silver Patent Dots or Black *** Shield Toes......Enjoy whatever time you're on course spreading the FJ Message !!!


    I have played 3 times this year and 2 of the times I had to ware my FJ rain jacket but I didn't care it was fun and I was warm and dry


    i've played twice so far.  both times weren't great, but very promising.  another round or two and i think things will click into mid-season form.  i just need to learn the distances of my new irons.


    The DryJoys rain gear have been great in the wind since early this year, but yet to be tested in rain.  Not that I'm wishing for it, it just haven't rained.  The FJ duffel took over recently from my old other one and it's pretty sporty.  I tried a fairwaywood and a hybrid that I sent back for credit-- I've come up with 2013 MyJoys design but have not pulled the trigger.

    Season slows down where I'm at a little bit during low temps with short days, but golf season never ends.  Year round golf is fun.  Longer days brings 36/36 on weekends.

    But, then I have been playing poorly for many years now. . . pains and aches are my reason.  But I have been working on my game and pain management more so than any of the 5 years I've been in this.  With any luck, I might be able to play a little better again. . . I hope.

    It's also been since October when I had my last cigarette.  I miss it from time to time, but haven't touched it since.  It feels as if it helps a little, I think, I've ridden in a cart about a handful of times this year- maybe more.  I'm enjoying the game more on foot.  I'm not gonna lie, it's a chore, but the satisfaction in the challenge is rewarding.  Also, thanks to FootJoy.  In the morning, I just grab an Icon, or Contour Casuals, or DryJoys and an FJ socks on and I know I can last a long time.


    PS.  One of my buddy I walk with showed up in an all white FJ Icon Traditional!  Y .) *** . .wonder who inspired him?!?!?!)


    Golf season starts for us when the snow finally melts!  Courses started opening a few weeks back and we're in spring conditions here.  It's been anywhere from about 80 degrees out to below freezing.  The 27 holes I played were both around 50 degrees with a windchill at or below 40.

    That's ok though.  Once I've put the snowboard away for the season I KNOW it's time for golf.

    My game though?  I'm a mid 20s capper (which is the best I've ever been now that I got some instruction last year).  I'm going to keep the learning up and playing as often as possible (even if it means hitting the range is my only option some days).


    I finally got my first round in on Saturday. Tee time was originally 7:30 but delayed til 9:10 with Frost. By the turn it was a toasty 40 with some wind. Glad to finally get out and play but my game was as cold as the temps. Bring on summer!