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    Still trying to find a significant other that plays golf. I have two ex-significant others that didn't like the game. I'm leaving out the rest 'cuz it got me censored out on my first reply.


    I am lucky I suppose depending on your viewpoint since not only does my wife play but also 5 out of my 6 kids!  We always seem have enough for a foursome! Lol

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    My wife enjoys going out together for nine holes on a sunday.  The bad news is that she can't hit the ball, he good news is that she picks up the ball after a few shots so no one is ever backed up behind us. Lessons haven't helped and me trying to make a few suggestions isn't good for a wonderful marriage.

    I wish she liked bowling.


    I am lucky I suppose depending on your viewpoint since not only does my wife play but also 5 out of my 6 kids!  We always seem have enough for a foursome! Lol

    That is nice!

    My wife is hooked and her 11 year old is starting to come around to the game!  Fortunately her sister, brother-in-law and nephew all play the game (with varying degrees of skill) so we always have enough to get a foursome in.

    My wife also enjoys watching the occasional round of golf on TV and likes a few shows on the Golf channel like Feherty and the Hank Haney project.


    My wife and I played everyweekend until our kids arrived...we've only played a few rounds together in the last few years but thats mainly because we're still trying to get her health issues straightened out.

    I actually had to make her play from the whites as she's a pretty good player from her college softball days...

    Its something I really miss doing together thats for sure!!!


    Took the wife to get fitted this weekend.  Looks like she'll end up with Adams irons and Hybrids.

    Probably the Super S irons and V4 hybrids with the same Kujoh Matrix shaft in all.  Going to wait to hear from the fitter today.

    Next time in it'll be a driver fitting for her.


    My much better half suprised me over the weekend and said that she is thinking about taking some lessons so that we can actually play some golf in the evening. The kids about fainted. The last time she swung a club she was pregnant with our 21 yr old. she must be weakening to the addiction that has our kids and I hooked. Things are certainly looking up for the summer.

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    Since I started, my husband has developed an interest.

    We are still juggling two little ones (7 and 3), so only managed to sneak away to play a few Par 3's over long lunches last summer, but had a great time. I've had lessons. He hasn't. He, obviously hits further, but my accuracy is not bad. So we are surprisingly evenly matched and both have a healthy ability to laugh at ourselves.  We have a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to getting out with him soon.

    We were just talking about signing up our 7 year old daughter for lessons this summer. He taunted me that he was fine signing her up as long as I am prepared to deal with the fact that she will want to play all the time afterwards.


    It is great getting your kids involved. I play with my 13 year old 2-4 times a month depending on his schedule. It has been great spending that much time with him on the course. He took lessons from Tony Martinez here in Dallas. Tony uses a method he developed called "Spark Golf" for beginners.


    My 11 year old step son has a bit of the itch but isn't totally hooked yet.

    We're working on it :)


    So we backed off of the fitter's suggestions as he just wasn't giving us the feel good vibe that we wanted.  He didn't seem thorough enough and he was more interested in trying to teach my wife than make sure the clubs were right.

    We were at our local range/pro-shop hitting balls last night and when done I asked her if she wanted to look around in there so we did.

    When all was said and done she got this :

    She is psyched and is already ready for her first chance to hit the range or course and get a solid number of swings in with them!  She was able to demo them and fell in love instantly.  She had no urge to try anything else.